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I was saved, regenerated, and justified by God on September 9th, 2007, and my sanctification has continued ever since. I've been an aspiring writer for fourteen years, and I aim to write material that glorifies God, and proclaims the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who came to Earth for the explicit purpose of dying on the cross for the sins of all who would believe.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Moving Day

After a lot of thought on the subject, I've decided to change the name of the blog to reflect the new direction I want to take it. The new blog is called Write About This, and you can find it at . See you there!! : )

Monday, January 2, 2012

It's Gonna Be the End of the World As We Know It... Again

Happy New Year! Welcome, one and all, to the year 2012, which according to the Mayan calendar is supposed to be the last year of the world, as everything comes to an end on December 21st, 2012... though, according to Joseph Robert Jochmans, that's not actually what the Mayan calender claims. December 21st, according to the Mayans according to Mr. Jochmans, is supposed to be a transition period from the current World Age to the next.

Does that mean rampant destruction of our current Age? Will Atrus abandon writing in the book that maintains our Age in order to come rescue his beloved Catherine after she has evacuated us all to the Age of Tay while the one we know and love falls apart? Or is this all a whole bunch of fabrications meant to keep us entertained and distracted while the men in suits work out the next phase of their conspiracy against us?

Of course, May 21st of last year was supposed to be the Rapture, according to Harold Camping, which would have transitioned us into the Great Tribulation. He was wrong, obviously, but surely the Mayans are right. And when it turns out they're wrong, somebody else will come along claiming February 21, 2013 as the end of the world.

It's always the 21st, too....


Looking back at 2011, a lot of firsts for me happened in 2011, some of them good, some of them bad. A number of things continued on as they were, some good, some bad. I was successful in some areas, neglectful in others. I'm happy with some things that happened in 2011. I'm not happy with others. I'm sure we all can say that.

But a new year means a fresh start. It's strange how a new day doesn't seem to have that meaning, or a new week or even a new month or a new moon, but we put a lot of import on the new year. The new year generally comes with resolutions and commitments, and as such I also have resolutions and commitments.

I am recommitting myself to God, and studying His Word and having communion with Him in prayer. I... have to admit I didn't do very well in these areas for the latter half of last year. I let other things consume my mind, my time, and my attention. I am committing myself to doing better this year.

Another commitment I'm making is to the blog. My neglect of the blog is very much related to my neglect of spiritual matters (as mentioned in the previous paragraph). I am resolving myself to do much better this year.

2012 is off to a good start so far, though. I've joined a Facebook group that is following the Grant Horner Bible Reading Plan (also known as the 3650 Reading Plan, apparently). You can find that group here. I'm on day two of the plan, and I haven't fallen behind yet!

Speaking of Facebook, Being Sanctified Daily has a Facebook page that is just dying to be "liked". (Hint, hint.)

So, welcome to 2012 everybody! Whether it's the last year of our lives, or just another one in a long chain of years, let's commit to making it a good one!

To God be the glory through His Son Jesus Christ!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From the desert sands, we arise again.

Have you ever been going through something, and having a difficult time getting through it? Sure, we all have. Have you ever been in that period, and had somebody tell you about their problems? Probably. Have you ever given them advice, and then realized that you really should be following your own advice?

That pretty much just happened to me.

So, the blog has been dead for two months, I haven't touched Arden's Blessing in a month and a half, and my Bible reading is in a similar state. Hence the picture. Part of the problem has been my usual lack of discipline. Part of it has been the onslaught of summer, and the heat therein that makes me even lazier than usual. And the third part... well...

Anyway, I told myself back on May 31st that June was going to be different, so here I am on June 28th. It's not funny.

This post isn't really substantial, I know. I'm writing this at 3:30 in the morning, after all. It's mostly to let you guys know that

A: God is good.
B: I'm alive.
C: I'm back on the blog again.
D: I have a long-overdue book review that needs to get written and posted ASAP.
E: God is good.